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At Devis (Development InfoStructure LLC), we recognize AI’s transformative power. We view it as a fundamental shift in problem-solving, enabling efficiency, improved decision-making, and superior value for both government agencies and businesses. Through our innovative, agile approach and broad AI capabilities, we tailor strategies that align with our clients’ objectives. Our AI solutions are practical, implementable, and impactful, designed to redefine operational boundaries, enhance service delivery, and elevate organizations. At Devis, we’re dedicated to harnessing AI’s potential to transform operations and create a future that’s smarter, more efficient, and responsive to evolving needs.

Our AI Services

AI Strategic Planning & Implementation

Streamline AI Integration
  • AI Strategic Roadmapping: Develop detailed AI roadmaps, connecting strategic vision with key AI outcomes and organizational priorities.
  • Trustworthy Risk Mitigation: Formulate robust safeguards and contingency plans to minimize AI integration risks.
  • Integration-Ready COTS Identification: Discover suitable COTS systems and libraries for efficient AI integration while maintaining quality.
  • Capacity Development & Gap Analysis: Equip organizations with resources and training to enhance AI competency, complemented by targeted gap analysis.
  • Building Advanced AI Teams: Provide guidance on structuring advanced AI teams, encompassing workflow design, technology selection, and role allocation.

AI-Enhanced DevSecOps

Improve Operations and Security
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery: Implement AI to streamline the development process, fostering consistent code and faster, more reliable releases.
  • AI-Driven Security: Enhance system security by incorporating AI to detect anomalies, predict threats, and implement preventive measures.
  • Operations and Monitoring: Apply AI to automate routine tasks, predict system failures, and monitor performance for optimized operations.
  • Configuration Management: Utilize AI to control and manage software and system configurations for consistent performance and minimized system discrepancies.

AI Education, Assessment, and Training Services

Enhance AI Proficiency Across All Organizational Levels
  • AI Readiness and Technical Assistance: Provide essential technical support and AI readiness guidance to ensure seamless AI integration.
  • Embedded AI Training Services: Leverage immersive, workflow-integrated training for immediate application of new AI skills.
  • Dashboards and Reporting: Enabling real-time tracking of learner progression with automated dashboard and flexible ad hoc reporting services.

AI R&D and Innovative Capabilities

Advance Next-Generation AI Capabilities
  • AI Research Study Design: Conduct rigorous, multidisciplinary research to develop insightful metrics and comprehensively assess AI systems, user interactions, and perceptions.
  • Advanced Technology Research: Pioneering research in areas like NLP, predictive analytics, deep learning, graph science, and genetic algorithms for practical decision support.

Business Analytics and Data Science

Augment Workforce Capabilities for Improved Decision Making
  • Business Analytics & Data Science: Apply descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to convert raw data into actionable insights, bolstering evidence-based decision-making.

Full-Stack AI Development & System Creation

Architect AI-Infused Ecosystems
  • Intelligent User Interfaces: Design user-centric, customizable interfaces, leveraging advanced visualizations for optimal user-AI interactions.
  • Data Integration & Management: Offer seamless interfacing with legacy systems, and architecting data infrastructures for insightful AI modeling.
  • Smart & Secure APIs: Create AI-enhanced, secure APIs for system interoperability and efficient interaction among diverse AI tools.
  • Innovative Rapid Prototyping: Prioritizing rapid prototype creation to validate feasibility and garner user feedback for agile AI deployment.
  • Developer Training: Upskill and empower developers with comprehensive training in AI-assisted code generation, testing, and documentation, fostering a responsible and skilled AI system development culture.

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Awarded Most Promising Devops Service Company 2023

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