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Here at Devis, we follow a ‘rugged’ DevSecOps approach. This means we focus on making software and our development process not only useful, but also tough and safe. We believe in weaving together development, security, and operations from the start, creating resilience against potential threats. We use the best practices like secure coding and threat detection, and also use advanced tech like AI to make our process more efficient and secure against continuously evolving threats.

Our DevSecOps Services

Full Stack Development with DevSecOps

Swiftly build robust full-stack systems with secure DevSecOps practices.

  • Agile Requirements Analysis: Collaborate with stakeholders to define requirements in an agile manner, using methods such as Scrum and Kanban.
  • Architecture & Design: Architect flexible, scalable systems designed for DevSecOps and perform threat modeling to anticipate and mitigate potential security threats.
  • Full Stack Development: Implement full stack systems using secure coding practices in leading languages, frameworks, and infrastructure.
  • Automated Testing: Embed automated test cases and conduct penetration testing into the development lifecycle for continuous feedback and security.
  • Infrastructure as Code: Manage infrastructure, including third-party and open-source components, and configurations as code for consistency and security with software composition analysis.
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines: Automate building, testing, compliance checks, and deployment of code changes to production.
  • Monitoring & Observability: Monitor system health, detect issues, and ensure optimal performance. Include plans for disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure system resilience.

AI-Enhanced DevSecOps

Improve Operations and Security
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery: Implement AI to streamline the development process, fostering consistent code and faster, more reliable releases.
  • AI-Driven Security: Enhance system security by incorporating AI to detect anomalies, predict threats, and implement preventive measures.
  • Operations and Monitoring: Apply AI to automate routine tasks, predict system failures, and monitor performance for optimized operations.
  • Configuration Management: Utilize AI to control and manage software and system configurations for consistent performance and minimized system discrepancies.

DevSecOps Process Consulting

Adopt DevSecOps for enhanced business value.
  • Current State Assessment: Evaluate your existing toolchain, processes, culture, and DevSecOps maturity.
  • Future State Visioning: Collaboratively define your target DevSecOps state and roadmap.
  • Process Redesign: Optimize workflows, tools, metrics, and communication strategies for DevSecOps.
  • Organizational Change Management: Drive adoption through stakeholder engagement, training, and addressing cultural shifts.

DevSecOps Toolchain Implementation​

Customize robust DevSecOps toolchains with audits and checks.
  • Tool Selection: Recommend and integrate best-of-breed tools for your toolchain.
  • Toolchain Integration: Connect tools into a streamlined, automated value stream.
  • Custom Tool Development: Build custom tools to fill critical gaps where needed.
  • Toolchain Monitoring: Monitor toolchain health, identify issues, and recommend optimizations.

Secure DevOps Culture & Training

Foster a culture of DevSecOps excellence and equip teams with necessary skills.
  • Transformational Leadership: Coach leaders on empowering teams through DevSecOps cultural principles.
  • Team Collaboration Workshops: Bring Dev, Sec, Ops, and InfoSec together to build shared understanding.
  • Role-based Training: Educate team members on DevSecOps skills specific to their role.
  • DevSecOps Simulation Exercises: Immerse teams in realistic scenarios to experience DevSecOps firsthand.

CIO Review
Awarded Most Promising Devops Service Company 2023

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